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Team Oracle USA Defends in today’s America’s Cup FInals

Oracle Team USA vs. New Zealand's Emirates at the 2013 America's Cup Trials - Newport, RI

Oracle Team USA vs. New Zealand’s Emirates at the 2013 America’s Cup Trials – Newport, RI
(Photo by Tracey C. O’Neill)

The 34th America’s Cup will see defenders, Oracle Team USA battling today to keep the Cup at home in the 19th race of the series, the longest Cup finals in history. Oracle, having a tumultuous ride to the finals was thought to be a non-contender. Battling back, with nothing to lose, the American Team won two races yesterday, garnering a spot at the top in an 8-8 tie with New Zealand’s Emirates Team. Today’s deciding race has the Oracle team sailing in as the underdog, climbing to the top from a 7- point deficit and a 3-race successive loss to Emirates. “A lesser team would have dropped the ball or split apart,” said Jimmy Spithill, Oracle skipper after winning Race 16. “But this team pulled itself together.” Heading into today’s final, Spithill is counting on the momentum to ride the waves to the win. “When things are very difficult and very challenging, that’s when it’s most rewarding,” said Spithill. “We’re going to go back tonight and work very hard and come out tomorrow swinging.”


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