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Capitol Hill incident leaves many questions unanswered

Washington, D.C. – Tensions are high across the country with the government shutdown drawing fire from all factions in a continuing “taking my ball and going home” drama of epic concern to millions of economically strapped Americans.
Nowhere  was the corresponding media power play more evident than Thursday in Washington,when all eyes already turned to the Nation’s Capitol in hopes of seeing a bipartisan end to the shutdown  met with a real-time shooting incident. The incident, resulting in the death of a young woman, turned into a nightmarish scramble to get the “facts” up and out.
What we heard as the scene unfolded was much different than what was known in the end.
A young mother, Miriam Carey of Stamford, CT, with her one year-old daughter in the car, crashed into a security barrier near the White House, struck a Secret Service officer with her car, led police on a high speed chase through the Nation’s Capitol, drew gunfire from police on two occasions ending with Carey succumbing to her wounds. Her daughter was taken to an area hospital for observation and was not seriously injured.
The incident resulted in a brief lock-down of the Capitol.
No motive is known.


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