Seawall Concerns Plague Matunuck Village, Ocean Mist

South Kingstown – Calling for a united approach to erosion concerns in the seaside village of Matunuck, legal counsel for the Ocean Mist, reached out to the Town, the Coastal Resources Management Council (CRMC), federal and local legislators, offering a public-private partnership solution to the Town’s controversial road infrastructure project.

“I’m not asking the Town to not protect the road,” said Kevin Finnegan, owner of the Ocean Mist on Tuesday. “Matunuck needs the road. We all need the road. I’m asking that the seawall be moved seaward in order to protect my property, Tara’s and the properties to the east of me on the water.”

Finnegan’s beachfront business sits on one of several parcels along a 675 ft. stretch of Matunuck Beach Road and headlands under scrutiny as part of an approved $1.6 million transportation and infrastructure project. The Ocean Mist, according to testimony before CRMC and engineers hired by both Town and Finnegan, is directly affected by the Town’s proposal to build a 202 ft. hard structured sea wall on a neighboring property.


The sun rises over Matunuck Highlands. (photo credit Tracey C. O’Neill/Freelance photographer) Copyright TraceyC_Online 2013

Finnegan, who has owned the world-renowned beachfront eatery and pub, now in its 25th year,  proffered a plan through counsel to purchase two parcels of land directly adjacent to his property to the west. The two lots, now owned by the Town, are host to a rip rap armament structure (wall), partially fallen due to year’s of neglect and the force of the sea to the South.

“The Ocean Mist proposes to enter into a private/public partnership to restore the historic wall system; protect (rather than destroy) the Beach, the central community feature; enhance parking, public access, and recreational opportunities for residents and visitors; and contribute to an aesthetic and economic revitalization of the Matunuck Beach Road community (as opposed to scripting its demise through the Sea Wall)” wrote William Landry, Ocean Mist legal counsel in September correspondence.

The parcel immediately adjacent to the Ocean Mist is the subject of the Town’s planned seawall build, a 202 ft. protective mechanism necessary to defend the main access road providing ingress and egress to the village. The road serves as sole access for emergency vehicles and houses the main water line running into the village.

matunuck beach road

Heavy equipment moved mountains of sand piled high on Matunuck Beach Rd, deposited by Sandy only one year ago. (photo by Tracey C. O’Neill)

CRMC in May 2012 voted to approve the Sea Wall in light of the Town’s aversion of “imminent peril” and its duty to provide for public health and welfare.

Meeting with town and government officials over the last few weeks, Finnegan, while prepared to fight for an alternate armament placement in court, offered his plan as a more amicable solution and “joining of  hands” between village businesses, residents and the Town.

“I’ll  buy the property from the Town, restore and maintain the sea wall for everyone. It’s a win for the town. It’s a win for the Ocean Mist and Matunuck,” he said. “But the wall has to be moved seaward – an extension of the historic wall that was on Mary Carpenter’s property. Let’s fix the wall that’s there.”

Existent rip rap revetment west of the Ocean Mist (Photo by Kevin Finnegan 2013)

Finnegan hopes the plan can be executed, given proper clearances from CRMC and agreement of the parties through CRMC maintenance assents, customarily a more direct path to permitting and actual construction.

Now subject of a Superior Court appeal, commencement of the project is in limbo.

“We all want what’s best for Matunuck,” said Finnegan. “There doesn’t have to be good guys and bad guys.”


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3 comments on “Seawall Concerns Plague Matunuck Village, Ocean Mist

  1. Kevin is the only one making sense down there. At some point, a wall must be built, breaking the red book rules under the current classification. The town and CRMC are hypocrites, wanting to do it now, but not allowing property owners to do it themselves to protect their property, and a large buffer zone to the road. I can only conclude that the town and CMRC WANT to see the businesses and the properties destroyed and turn MTK beach rd into a narragensett scenario.

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  3. […] property owners, the town and state regulatory agencies were embattled in a regulatory nightmare, while trying to find common ground to save the property and environment from succumbing to the ill […]

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