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Big Changes in order for TraceyC_Online!

Good Morning All.

My apologies for TraceyC_Online the Blog downtime. Times are a-changing!

I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for reading and frequenting my Blog through the good times and the not so good times over the last few years. Although the Blog began as a parking lot for past articles written for local and national print and online publications, it quickly became a popular drop-in spot for people known and unknown to me.

The Blog has had its ups and downs, due mostly to my inability to free post when working for another media outlet. Trying to make people understand the benefits of its existence is an entirely different post altogether. Without digressing too much, the most recent “layoff” at a time of great movement in news allowed the Blog to flourish and be recognized.

That being said and without much to-do, you will be seeing a new look, feel and progression over the next hours, days and weeks, including top-notch advertising and promotions for you. News, and a lot of it, will resume very shortly.

Hang in there and play nice, people. Much fun to come.

Tracey C. O’Neill


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