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RI Gubernatorial Candidates vie for 1st to the Stage

dem v gopProvidence – Sure to be a day ripe with political under and overtones, Rhode Islander’s today will be privy to the commencement of the “Race for Firsts.”

Taveras throws in

Today’s chapter features “first to the stage” with Providence Mayor Angel Taveras scheduled to formally announce his intentions to enter the gubernatorial race this morning. Getting out in front of Cranston’s Republican Mayor, Allan Fung and his pending November 4 announcement,  Taveras’ announcement garners the first official hat in the ring.

Facing a potential Democratic primary battle against conservative General Treasurer, Gina Raimondo whose camp is not in a hurry to announce a run, Taveras, a lawyer, liberal Dem, Harvard grad and one-term Mayor assembled a top-notch elections team early last year.

All’s not fair in politics

Moving toward today’s announcement and a war-chest less than half of his opponent’s $2 Million plus accounting, Taveras last week asked Raimondo to sign a “People’s Pledge” denying herself access to PAC and third-party spending and funding in her potential run for Governor.

Moderate Party No More

Not to be outdone by the DEMs, Ken Block, founder and leader of RI’s Moderate Party, businessman and former gubernatorial candidate, heads to Barrington Town Hall today to put his intentions in writing. Block will be challenging Fung in the primary, declaring himself a Republican candidate.


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