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RI Future Changes its Tune (a little bit) for Costa

Providence – Apologizing to Representative Doreen Costa for any inkling of misogyny, the Chief Kahuna at, Mr. Bob Plain, changed up a controversial headline stretching just a little bit over the line of what could be construed as a sexist remark.

Not to be confused with outright sexism or the misogynistic demeaning normally associated with far right radicalism, RI Future dialed it down in the headlines today, apologizing to Rep. Costa and anyone else offended by the banner that had her portrayed as a chained, leashed and mad dog, attacking at the command of its owner, the NRA.

The article, written by contributor Steve Ahlquist, called Costa out on a controversial gun permit licensing issue vaulted to the forefront of a forced recall vote in Exeter, RI. Both Plain and Ahlquist apologized to Costa for the initial headline.

“While Steve wrote this initial post and the follow-up one apologizing, headlines are the responsibility of editors (not contributors) and I take full responsibility for this one. It was not my intention to make any kind of sexist statement and I apologize to anyone who was offended,” said Plain in a comment added to the original story.

It is the Editor’s job, yes, if the Editor has the final word or edit, which is not always the case. Kudos to Mr. Plain for his open apology to the State Representative, also the Deputy Minority Whip and a former colleague.

Ironically, it is the article in its entirety and its lean towards what I often refer to as “Puppeteer Politics” that sheds light on the unavoidable issue of governmental maneuvering and partisanship through well-funded lobby strongholds.

As a matter of transparency, I often refer to the petite Costa as that “little firecracker, Doreen,” no offense intended.


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