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Editorial – Terrorism portrayed with empathy empowers terrorists

Editorial – The Boston Globe ran an article today about the Tsarnaev terrorist family portrayed as victims of American society. Hundreds of people are posting as I write in opposition to the Globe’s portrayal of the family as the “House of Tsarnaev,” laying out an almost ridiculously empathetic path to terrorism.

The article is not posted here out of respect for the victims of the Boston Marathon Bombings , and their lives forever changed by the cowardice of Terrorists. Having covered the bombings, gone without sleep for days while reporting first-hand the devastation and horror put upon the City of Boston, it’s principal and extended families, it is unthinkable that the City’s newspaper would glorify and make excuses for the monsters who plotted and planned their devastation for years.

More than one individual on the Globe website has indicated that the Globe is actively deleting comments regarding responsible journalism this morning. If that is true, the issue of journalistic choice should be the least of their worries.

Although, I’m sure that The Globe will get a huge publicity spin out of this, nationally, no doubt,  as its brethren analyzes its decision, in the long run, when all is said and done, the people of the City of Boston will decide the fate of the Globe and it’s decision to glorify the “poor, dysfunctional Tsarnaev” family.

Memorializing and empathizing with Terrorists only serves to empower those who wait in the wings to deliver the next cowardly and devastating terrorist act. Memorializing the jihad is a participatory act. The Tsarnaev’s aren’t ill-fated victims of the American dream, Globe. They are monsters who were caught and who were prevented from carrying out the remainder of their terrorist plan.


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