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Dept. of Labor & Training Sends Frosty Christmas Card

Cranston – The Rhode Island Department of Labor (DLT) sent an icy Yule and New Year’s message out to Rhode Island’s unemployed. On December 28, 2013 the Federal Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) program ends.

In a press release earlier in the month, DLT announced letters mailed to 6,000 current unemployed individuals on benefits extension in the state. The letter notified recipients that their EUC benefits would cease regardless of whether there was a remaining balance on their claim.

DLT Christmas Card

DLT Christmas Card

The bottom line – anyone on unemployment who exhausts their initial 26 weeks benefits after that time will not be eligible for any additional unemployment insurance programs.

BLS – Rhode Island lags country in recovery

Nevada and Rhode Island have the highest unemployment rates in the country according to Bureau of Labor Statistics reports released today.

Rhode Island’s unemployment hovered at 9 percent in November where it has been since August. The BLS preliminary numbers for November showed the number of unemployed in the state at 49,513. Regional and state unemployment rates were generally lower in November.

bls statsForty-five states and the District of Columbia had unemployment rate decreases from October and five states had no change, according to the BLS report. Forty-two states had unemployment rate decreases from the same time last year and seven states and the District of Columbia had increases. The national jobless rate declined to 7.0 percent from October and was 0.8 percentage point lower than in November 2012.

U.S. Senator Jack ReedReed continues to fight for extended benefits

U. S. Senator Jack Reed (D-RI) continued his battle to extend unemployment assistance to Rhode Islander’s and the nation’s 1.3 million unemployed in immediate danger of losing benefits. On Wednesday, Reed announced  a bipartisan effort with Nevada’s Dean Heller asking Congress to maintain benefits for three months.

“I hope this sensible and bipartisan approach will provide a path forward to preserving the program through the entire 2014 calendar year, which will give families and our economy time to recover.  Because, frankly, this is a program designed to be there for every worker should the unfortunate happen and they find themselves without a job through no fault of their own,” Reed said in a statement.  “This program has been, and continues to be, a crucial benefit to millions of American households all over the country and of nearly every conceivable demographic.  That is why it’s such a significant part of keeping this economic recovery going forward.  Its expiration will hurt families and set back our recovery and cost the economy 200,000 jobs in 2014.”

DLT’s letter offered contact information for the United Way of Rhode Island (211) and the Federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

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One comment on “Dept. of Labor & Training Sends Frosty Christmas Card

  1. […] The Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training (RIDLT) recommended in a pre-holiday mailing that individuals receiving extended unemployment compensation benefits (EUC) continue to request weekly benefits in the event Congress achieves a favorable resolution in 2014. […]

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