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Local Fire Departments Need Hydrant Helpers

Statewide – Local Fire Departments are asking for your help digging out residential fire hydrants after the storm.

Several local departments put the call for assistance out through social media channels on Friday morning. Uncovering hydrants buried by accumulated, drifting and plowed snow are a necessary evil in snow removal.

Every Second Counts

The extra moments taken locating and clearing hydrants at the time of an emergency can be crucial. Seconds count. When out clearing driveways and walkways today, if able, take time to clear a 3 foot perimeter around any hydrant(s)  in your immediate vicinity.

When moaning and groaning about winter’s evils, you may want to take a moment to ask yourself,  “Which is more important – the mailbox or the fire hydrant?”

Take precautions, cover up, take breaks and call for assistance if snow removal is a health risk.

Volunteers Needed

Serve Rhode Island is asking for snow removal volunteers across the state to assist the elderly and disabled with snow removal.

Click here to sign up.


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