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Stern Enters Final Judgement, Firefighters & SLRB Sweep

Breaking – Rhode Island Superior Court Judge Brian P. Stern released his Final Judgement and Order in two actions involving the International Association of Firefighters Local 1651 North Kingstown Firefighters Association, the Town of North Kingstown and the State of Rhode Island Labor Relations Board (SLRB).

Finding in favor of the SLRB and the firefighters’ union (NKFFA) in both actions, Stern’s Final Judgement entered on Monday, setting the stage for the Supreme Court’s decision on a May 10, 2013 stay. The stay,  delaying the Town’s obligation under both the Superior Court and State Labor Relations Board decisions is a cog in the fire department’s return to its previous structure.

The Supreme Court stay, in effect as a result of a yo-yo of multiple administrative and court cases and conflicts between jurisdictional authorities was addressed by Stern:

“Based on the limited and important issue of a potential conflict with the Rhode Island Supreme Court’s May 10, 2013 order…the Court’s January 6, 2014 decision is stayed until such time as the Rhode Island Supreme Court has the opportunity to review whether or not this stay should remain in effect or be vacated by the Court.”

The Court denied the Town’s request for declaratory, preliminary and  permanent injunctions and further denied the Town’s request for attorneys fees and costs.

Town Council President bets on the Supreme Court

Elizabeth Dolan, Town Council President on Monday responded on Twitter to a State Labor Relations Board decision calling the Town’s actions leading up to its unilateral implementation of departmental changes illegal.

“We will defer to the judicial system to properly decide these matters,” said Dolan. “The Supreme Court will supremely decide.”


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