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Editorial…You spoke, I yawned

Buzz term of the way off election:

“When I’m elected Governor…”

 Seriously? That’s what you have to offer? When I’m? This lead-in, future gubernatorial politicos, is a total yawnfest – an ineffective, old and completely useless statement. Why? 

It interprets to “If you elect me, I’ll do something. Until then, I’m not doing anything.”

Here’s a suggestion, (free of charge) of course.

Do something, anything – “now.”

Then the voters of the state of Rhode Island can all decide whether they’ll vote for you when it comes time to go to the polls.

Go ahead. Show Rhode Island what you’ve got. Put something on the line here. Get something done. Put away your archaic and shallow buzz phrases, ditch your pomp and bottomless circumstance and actually do something for the people of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. 

After all, this is the state you all profess to love. Rhode Islanders are the people you are most concerned about, right? So much so that you are willing to reject ego, set aside personal preferences and differences, listen with open minds, reach across the Aisle of Axiom, forego predjudice, all for the honor of sailing the Governor’s ship. Right? 

You’re personal aspirations define Rhode Island’s future, it’s success or failure. 

Give the voters you are supposedly wooing something to work with today. Go ahead. Get something done. Show Rhode Island what you’ve got, not who you are planning on being, “if elected.” 


One comment on “Editorial…You spoke, I yawned

  1. Great editorial. The truth be told.

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