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On Watching and Joining…

No more Watchers and Joiners – bringing the subject of abuse to light.

She said to me,

“They did that to my mother when she got divorced. It was horrible.” 

Her mother’s abuse was suffered several decades before. She recognized the abuse, saw it happening to someone else, but did nothing.

She was among many who knew what was happening and despite her disdain, she watched as yet another woman who chose divorce was pushed into poverty, shunned, made to grovel.

She watched as children observed the abuse at the hands of adults who were their own providers. She watched as children learned the ropes of the abusive and draconian system.

She would not speak up. She would not risk the same humiliation at the hands of a Church she did not believe in. She would not help.

The shunners, the Village,  knew nothing of the woman who was their target. They simply participated in a ritual of hate in the name of the Church. They promulgated abuse. They judged. They participated. They went to confession. They absolved themselves of any wrong-doing. They had a few drinks. They had no individual conscience. They had no collective conscience.

She watched and knew no higher power was participating in the sick custom. She knew that what they were doing was inherently wrong and increasingly evil.

She could name names, but who would she tell? She chose silence.

She watched and in watching joined.


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