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118 Years Strong, Boston’s Marathon Bespeaks the City’s Grit

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On this Easter Sunday morning, TraceyC_Online would like to salute the athletes, volunteers, friends, families, and well-wishers gathered in Boston on this gorgeous Marathon Weekend in anticipation of Monday’s 118th running of the city’s finest show.

Boston, its people, its fiber, its roots, bespeak the impenetrable mettle and foundation, the grit on which the Marathon was built.  Its character, its regal presence seen in every precinct,  every borough -comprised of each cobblestone, each brownstone brick – Boston’s community, its regal spirit,  is borne of class.

Each and every year, the runners’ stories tell personal tales of determinations, dedications and convictions. Whether man, woman or child comes to run for charity, in remembrance of  a lost loved one, to honor a fallen comrade, to fulfill a life’s dream, or for the simple love of the run, each runner’s story is unique. Each finish is emotional.

This year, for many, those personal stories are not predicated or overshadowed, but grounded by the events of the previous year’s marathon, riddled with the horror and tragedy of a cowardly terrorist attack.

Boston didn’t crumble. It healed its people, honored its fallen and nurtured its spirit. Boston’s resolve remained. Its character shone. Its roots dug in.

The will to prove that the marathoners, the athletes, the people of the City and in many respects, the world stood united in a spirit, true to Boston’s grit hailed strong as more than 35,000 marathoners signed on for the historic 26-mile run from Hopkinton  to Copley Square this year.

The globe’s oldest running annual marathon, kicks off stronger tomorrow. From start to finish, as the very first and very last runners cross the finish line, people from around the world join the City of Boston in remaining Boston Strong.



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