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Matunuck Surfing Association, Annual Beach Cleanup on Saturday

Matunuck sunsetMatunuck, RI – The Matunuck Surfing Association kicks off its annual beach clean-up at Deep Hole Fishing Area, Saturday morning at 9:00 am.

That’s our local community in Matunuck. That’s where we surf – where we hang out. We usually move all the way up the beach to the Vanilla Bean and Town Beach. We clean the beach and the road.” ~ Eric Little, MSA Board Member

The organization’s Mission Statement, according to the MSA Facebook Page speaks not only to its dedication to the sport and recreation of surfing, but to its dedication to the community.

The statement reads, “The Matunuck Surfing Association (MSA) is dedicated to continuing the long-standing tradition of wave riding activities in the Matunuck area while supporting the local community through an organization based on sport, camaraderie and charity.”

Beach clean-up begins promptly at 9:00 a.m. Volunteers and friends are encouraged to attend.


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