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CRMC Unanimous on Wind Energy – Deepwater Wind Prevails

Providence, RI – In a unanimous vote on Tuesday evening, the Coastal Resources Management Council granted approval for Deepwater Wind’s 30-megawatt Block Island Wind Farm, a five-turbine offshore wind farm to be constructed in Rhode Island territorial waters.

“It’s a momentous night for Rhode Island,”  said Jeffrey Grybowsk, CEO of Deepwater Wind. “[Rhode Island] is going to be the first.” 

The vote of the full council came after the Ocean Special Area Management Plan (OSAMP) sub-committee, in April,  recommended approval of the Deepwater Wind applications.

“We’re very pleased that the vote was unanimous,” said Anne Maxwell Livingston, CRMC Chair.  “I feel that environmentalists are very happy about this and I feel that job creating people are happy because it’s a new industry that we want to be in on the ground floor on. I think that’s why everyone is working together so well on this.”


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