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Dear Deadbeat Dads…we told the truth

Deadbeat Dad postings are real. Be it sad or disturbing, the story’s are not a figment of anyone’s imagination.

The truth is not always pretty and unfortunately, many women and children, out of fear and/or embarrassment, historically remained silent. That silence is waning and more information, more stories are being revealed.

Deadbeat Dad postings, each and every one, comes from a Mom – a child, a daughter, a son, a grandmother, a father – who has told his or her story, shared an experience or disappointment, downfall or humiliation due to the actions or inactions of a Deadbeat Dad.

Each and every one has been exposed to deceit and a failed system set up to protect them.

Moms, children and more will continue to share their experiences here. They will be heard. That promise will be kept.

Stay tuned as this very important story and the voice of a growing movement gets louder and louder.

There is a lot coming up in this busy election season!


On Watching and Joining


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