Raimondo Adds the First Lady to her Support Base

Washington, D.C. – First Lady Michelle Obama, in a new Youtube commercial lends the support of herself and the President to the Raimondo for Governor campaign.

The First Lady’s “Everything We Can” message fortells Raimondo’s blue collar roots. Highlighting Raimondo’s work as a business leader and advocate, Obama applauds Raimondo’s life experience as a leader.

Decked out in purple, the First Lady applauds Raimondo’s work to end Domestic Violence and help survivors to start a new life.

Raimondo in a gubernatorial debate hosted by WPRI Channel 12 on Tuesday evening, talked job creation, economics and “investment in growth” as a foundation for pulling Rhode Island out of the dredges of unemployment and bringing business back to the state.


On Friday, Former First Lady Hillary Clinton visits Rhode Island and hits the campaign trail with Raimondo.

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2 comments on “Raimondo Adds the First Lady to her Support Base

  1. the death blow from the first family.

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