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Primary Day is Underway in New Hampshire

Dixville Notch, NH Primary

Map of Dixville Notch, New Hampshire. Dixville Notch votes are in with Sanders, Kasich receiving first honors. (Map courtesy Google Maps)

DIXVILLE NOTCH, NH – As Primary Day in New Hampshire opened in the famed Dixville Notch at midnight, the first votes cast and reported had Bernie Sanders and John Kasich winning the town with nine votes total cast.

For the Democrats, Bernie Sanders garnered 4 votes, with former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton receiving no votes.

On the Republican side, John Kasich came out on top with 3 votes, to Donald Trump’s 2 votes.

The entire vote in the sleepy New Hampshire town tucked away far to the north, just 12 miles from the Canadian Border took just seconds to complete signifying the 2016 primary season officially underway.

New Hampshire’s primary followed last week’s Iowa caucus where Clinton, in head to head battle eked out a win over Sanders, in a political contest literally decided by coin toss.  Clinton’s win at 49.9 percent, just .3 percent more than Sanders’ 49.6 percent, landed her 2 delegates ahead of Sanders (23 – 21).

Iowa brought a surprise upset for the GOP with predicted frontrunner, New York real estate mogul and reality TV star Donald Trump losing to Texas Senator, Ted Cruz.


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