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Cruz wins on Super Saturday leave GOP hopeful for Trump alternative

BOSTON – Super Saturday results gave the GOP hope for an alternative candidate to front-runner Donald Trump.

In Kansas and Maine where Sen. Ted Cruz (TX) won the Republican vote, voters turned out double-digit results for their candidate. Kansas hosted an unprecedented turnout and Cruz posted a 25-point win over front-runner, Donald Trump. Saturday’s results in Maine placed Cruz ahead by 13 points.

In states where both parties held elections the Republican machine continued to draw big numbers at the polls. In Kansas, the GOP had 73,116 recorded votes to the Democrats 39,043, a near 2-1 margin. In Louisiana the turnout numbers narrowed with 301,169 reported votes on the GOP side and 311,613 for the Democrats.

The GOP field is still too crowded to expect Cruz, who holds second place among GOP candidates to overtake Trump. Party pundits are in free fall, calling for Sen. Marco Rubio (FL) and Ohio Governor John Kasich to withdraw from the race.

The GOP by state count has Cruz holding wins in six states; Alaska, Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa, Maine and his home state of Texas.

Trump currently holds the majority with twelve states; and Rubio has two wins in Minnesota and Puerto Rico.

Kasich finished fourth in 3 states and third ahead of Rubio in Maine.

Republicans hold primaries on Tuesday, March 8 in Mississippi, Michigan, Idaho and caucus in Hawaii.

This article originally appeared on on March 6, 2016.


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