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Sanders wins Michigan; Closes double-digit gap

Bernie Sanders wins the state of Michigan with a 2 percent lead over rival former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. “We have created the kind of momentum we need to win. This has been a fantastic night in Michigan. We are very grateful.” Video Courtesy Bernie Sanders 2016
DETROIT – U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders had rival Hillary Clinton “feeling the Bern” on Tuesday as a head to head battle for Michigan’s delegates saw Sanders taking the state with a 2-point win.This article originally appeared on on March 8, 2016. 

Sanders, who had been down by double-digit numbers earlier in the week, conducted a painstaking boots-on-the-ground campaign across the state. Sanders methodology included an all-out affront to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and call for the resignation of Gov. Rick Snyder.

“I believe the governor of this state should understand that the dereliction of his duty was irresponsible,” Sanders said in aDemocratic Debate hosted by CNN on Sunday night. “He should resign.”

“Amen to that,” responded Clinton.

The debate held in Flint, the largest city in Genesee County, engulfed in a tainted water crisis and at odds with both the state and federal governments, saw the two Democrats engaged in a fervid exchange on issues from race and income inequality to fracking and socio-economic pandering.

One of two formal nationally televised events, the debate was followed by a Town Hall meeting on Monday in Detroit.

Sanders decision to spend quality time in Michigan paid off on Tuesday with the win in Michigan.

Clinton Takes Mississippi

Clinton won Mississippi in a race called shortly after polls closed. Expanding her reach into the African-American community, Clinton’s share of the pie was significant with the former First Lady garnering more than 80 percent of the vote. 2010 Census reports showed Mississippi’s black population at 37 percent.

Each candidate notched another win and both picked up delegates in a match-up that may see Sanders’ win in Michigan a game-changer.

The Democratic front-runner seemingly put her party opponent behind after Super Tuesday and moved on to challenge the GOP’s star pupil, Donald Trump. That move may have given Sanders a significant edge.

With Sanders’ momentum gaining ground, Clinton will have to decide whether to pivot back; or split her time challenging Sanders on familiar issues while facing Trump on an unknown, moving platform.

This article originally appeared on on March 8,2016.


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