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Trump wins big in Indiana, clinches GOP race

Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump delivers his victory speech after winning the Indiana Primary. “We’re going after Hillary Clinton,” Trump said. Video courtesy Fox News/Youtube

Indiana Republicans turned out on Tuesday to hand New York real estate mogul turned presidential candidate, Donald Trump, a clear path to the party’s nomination in November.

Trump bested his closest challenger, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz by 17 points, dealing a decisive blow to the evangelical’s campaign for a contested convention. After knocking Cruz out of the contest, Trump in his victory speech, turned his focus to former Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton and the November general election.

“We’re going after Hillary Clinton. She will not be a great president. She will not be a good president. She will be a poor president.” – Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump

After thanking Indiana Republicans for his win, Trump got directly to work hitting Clinton on the issues and was unreserved in his inclusion of former Pres. Bill Clinton in his strategy.

“She doesn’t understand trade,” Trump said. “Her husband signed, perhaps in the history of the world, the single worst trade deal ever done,” Trump said. “It’s called NAFTA (North American Trade Agreement.)

Trump also hit Clinton on her pledge to put West Virginia coal miners out of work. Trump, who is not inclined to environmental protections, instead promoted the coal industry. “Let me tell you, the miners in West Virginia, we’re going to get those miners back to work,” Trump said. “We’re not going to be Hillary Clinton.”

Trump went on to include Pennsylvania and Ohio coal miners and said he was going to put them all back to work as miners.

The Indiana Primary was called for Trump by the Associated Press at poll close in the Hoosier state. Third-place challenger, Ohio Gov. John Kasich received less than 10 percent of the Indiana GOP vote (7.5) but vowed to stay in the race. Trump garnered at least 51 of the 57 pledged delegates on the table in Indiana, bringing his delegate total to 1,047. According to AP, Cruz had 565 delegates, when he officially dropped out of the race after the call of the Indiana Primary. Kasich had 153.

Politico reported on Wednesday morning that Trump had begun the process of vetting vice presidential candidates.

The next Republican contest is May 10 in Nebraska, with 36 delegates for the taking.

This article originally appeared on on May 4, 2016. 


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