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Cenk Uygur hammers CNN for Nevada reporting; NPR walks back report on violence

Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks called CNN out for its evident bias against U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders and slant in favor of Hillary Clinton. Uygur debunked the panel’s cries of “conspiracy theory” with facts regarding DNC and Clinton camp “activities.” Video Courtesy The Young Turks/Youtube

The Young Turks host, Cenk Uygur, on Wednesday slammed a CNN panel of journalists for their flagrant and biased reporting in favor of former Sec. of State and Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton. Uygur took the panel and main stream media to task for ignoring or downplaying clear instances of candidate favoritism and electioneering.

“You don’t know,” Uygur said in a TYT report. “But you just stated that not just a couple of people made calls to Roberta Lange -and if it is Bernie Sanders supporters it is horrible, they should have never done that – but they do not represent all Bernie Sanders supporters, millions of people in the country. And they certainly don’t represent the most liberal senator in the country who has always been for non-violence.”

“And anyone at CNN who is pretending to be a journalist should know that and does know that. But nonetheless with no evidence of chair throwing, that was alleged…

Uygur went on to hammer CNN reporters for not producing any evidence of actual violence to support their reports. The Young Turks anchor also took a hard line on the DNC’s “conspiracy theory” drivel and vitriol. Uygur responded to a comment made by Sr. Political Reporter, Nia-Malika Henderson. “I do think Bernie Sanders in term of the high ground, I do think they have sometimes taken the low road too, when he accused the Clinton campaign of being in collusion with the DNC and illegally fundraising because of their joint fundraising efforts…I think his supporters sometimes do kind of traffic in conspiracy theories and this idea that the DNC is somehow rigged against them.”

The resulting report given by the TYT independent network host walked through a litany of Clinton slanted events that took place during the primary season up until this point in time. Uygur started with super delegates who vowed to vote against the will of the constituency and hit Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo who closed down two thirds of the polling places in Rhode Island.

“Conspiracy theory. What do think politicians play politics?”

National Public Radio (NPR) conducted an in-house fact check on their reporting of the Nevada Convention results and on Thursday publicly walked back their original version of purported “violence” at the convention. Responding to concerns of NPR listeners, Beth Donovan, NPR’s Washington bureau senior reporter wrote,”

“Several members of our staff watched live video that showed a man brandishing a chair. Nevada analyst Jon Ralston, who was in the room and over time has been a very reliable source, reported that a chair was thrown. We okayed using and sourcing his reporting.” But, she added, “When Ralston’s reporting came under question, we adjusted our language,” by not repeating the word “thrown.” Instead, Keith’s report this morning referred to “physical skirmishes.” (It also quoted Nevada Sen. Harry Reid as referring to “violence,” which he did, indeed, do.)

This article originally appeared on on May 19, 2016.


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