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San Francisco Examiner Editorial Board endorses Bernie Sanders for President

Democratic Presidential Candidate U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders rallies a crowd in Albany, NY on April 24, 2016. Photo Tracey C. O'Neill

Democratic Presidential Candidate U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders rallies a crowd in Albany, NY on April 24, 2016. Photo Tracey C. O’Neill

The San Francisco Examiner editorial board on Thursday endorsed U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders for President of the United States in advance of California’s primary to take place on June 7. The endorsement accompanied support for a host of ballot propositions affecting families, the state’s working class and at-risk populations.

Endorsement: Bernie Sanders for Democratic nominee for U.S. PresidentThe Board wrote:

 “With the Republican primary already decided, the Democratic race is the only game left in town.

This is the first California presidential primary that has mattered in nearly a half century. This is truly a momentous election for the voters. California might be Sen. Bernie Sanders’ last stand, but the fact he has made it this far against the Democratic machine that seemed intent to discount his candidacy from the outset speaks to the force of discontent in this country and the feeling, on the Democratic side, that Hillary Clinton is a flawed standard bearer for the party.

The disagreement between Democrats in this race bears some semblance to the troubles on the Republican side, where the rise of Donald Trump as the presumptive nominee is evidence of how broken the GOP has become. But there are very different tensions, too, leading to Sanders’ surprising and encouraging successes thus far.

Sanders’ vision for the future of America is optimistic, egalitarian and just. The revolution he speaks of, however distant or far-fetched, is about restoring hope to so many who have assumed the terrors and injustices of modern life were insurmountable. That vision, that government can better people’s lives and root out entrenched corruption and cowardice, deserves our heartfelt support and full-throated endorsement.

Despite Sanders’ unexpected strength in state contests, the party superdelegate lead that Clinton enjoys means his chances to capture the nomination are slim. If she prevails, Clinton — more moderate and hawkish than Sanders, less convincingly passionate about the plight of those who live in poverty and those who struggle against systemic oppression — will have to try to unite the party against Trump in November. Sanders has created a meaningful moment in American politics that speaks well for the future of the Democratic party. It is up to us to carry it forward.”

Endorsement: Bernie Sanders for Democratic nominee for U.S. President

The endorsement comes at a time of increased volatility in the Democratic Party and process who have thrown their support behind former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, whose favorability ratings are the lowest of any Democratic presidential candidate. Sanders continues to draw record crowds of thousands of supporters as he campaigns throughout the state. He most recently held rallies in Vallejo, San Jose and Carson, adding a surprise stop at a labor rally in San Francisco.

This article originally appeared on on May 19, 2016.


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