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Actor Danny Devito slams Trump’s devisiveness, supports Sanders for President

Video Courtesy Bernie 2016/Youtube

American actor and film icon, Danny DeVito in support of U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders candidacy for President released a new message on Friday slamming Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump for his divisive campaign. DeVito in a new advertisement said we should be a country that respects people’s lifestyles and how they want to live.

“Condoning violence, fostering hatred and divisiveness and putting up walls,” said DeVito referring to Trump’s vitriolic campaign platform. “And condemning people for being Mexican, or Muslim, or if you’re under five foot six. I’m next.”

The popular actor and director, in a moving message, told viewers, “We should be a country that is thinking of brotherhood, sisterhood, respecting gays, respecting people’s lifestyles, respecting what they want and how they want to live.” DeVito, who refers to Sanders as Obi Wan, supported Sanders early on in the campaign.

“From the very beginning, I’ve thought that Bernie was the man for the job,” – Danny DeVito Actor, Activist, Film Producer and Director

DeVito joins actress, Susan Sarandon, Rosario Dawson, Spike Lee, Art Garfunkel, Bonnie Raitt, David Crosby, Graham Nash and a host of Hollywood activists and musicians who are acting as Sanders surrogates. Several members of the group, Artists for Bernie, have been out on the campaign trail, across the country speaking on behalf of the senator from Vermont and rallying crowds of thousands in “Get Out the Vote” events nationwide.

Along with DeVito, Sarandon has railed against Sanders’ opponents Donald Trump and Democratic opponent, former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton.

“I believe in a way she’s more dangerous, except they’ve both been talking to Henry Kissinger apparently lately.” – Susan Sarandon, actress and activist

Photo by Eric Thayer/Getty Images

Photo by Eric Thayer/Getty Images

A New Yorker who supported Clinton in her Senate run, Sarandon told TYT Politics reporter Jordan Chariton, that Clinton’s record on Iraq, environment-selling fracking, Monsanto and foreign policy as a whole changed her outlook on the former Secretary of State. In fact, Sarandon said that she thinks Clinton may be more dangerous than Trump.

“I believe in a way she’s more dangerous, except they’ve both been talking to Henry Kissinger apparently lately,” Sarandon said. “So maybe, he’s – if he’s going to bring Kissinger in. But her record, she did not learn from Iraq. She’s an interventionist and she’s done horrible things.”

The candidates face off in 6 primary and caucuses on June 7, with focus on the two biggest pools of delegates in New Jersey and California. Where Clinton was expected to win on the East Coast, Sanders’ campaign in California continued to remind Clinton that the nomination campaign wasn’t over. Where several polls last week had the two candidates in a statistical tie, with Clinton up just 2 points over Sanders among likely voters, a USC/LA Times poll revealed that Sanders had overtaken Clinton by 1 point.

Clinton’s lead among “likely” voters was based on older voters who had voted in the state’s primaries in the past. Sanders lead overall was attributed to new voters and millennials who have overwhelmingly supported the Vermont senator throughout the campaign. According to the California Secretary of State‘s office, more than 650,000 newly registered voters were reported in the state ahead of the primary. The Clinton camp is gambling on Sanders younger supporters to not show up at the polls on Tuesday.

Sanders at rallies across the state told supporters, “On Tuesday, California will be holding the most important primary in the democratic nominating process…If there is a large voter turnout we will win. If there is a very large turnout we will win by big numbers.”

This post originally appeared on on June 5, 2016.


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