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Boston Police patrols double up in wake of Baton Rouge killings

Boston, MA – Massachusetts leaders on Sunday reacted to reports of the tragic ambush-style killings of 3 Baton Rouge police officers at approximately 9 a.m. The Boston Police Department (BPD) quickly responded to the tragic accident, doubling up patrol officers throughout the city.

Three Baton Rouge officers were killed and three wounded while responding to reports of shots fired in the city. One of the wounded officers was reported to be in critical condition and fighting for his life. The shooting came just 10 days after a black street merchant, Alton Sterling was killed by two police officers in a controversial shooting, sparking civil and racial unrest across the country.

“In light of the tragedy in Baton Rouge and in the best interests of
officer safety, all #BPD patrols will be conducted by two-officer units,” read a Tweet posted by BPD on Sunday.

Boston PD Commissioner William Evans stands BPD officers at the funeral services of fallen Auburn Police Officer Ronald Tarantino, Jr. in May 2016.

Boston PD Commissioner William Evans stands BPD officers at the funeral services of fallen Auburn Police Officer Ronald Tarantino, Jr. in May 2016. Photo Tracey C. O’Neill

Boston Police Commissioner William Evans released a statement on Sunday in response to the assault on the Baton Rouge Police Department.

“On behalf of the Boston Police Department, I am extending our heartfelt condolences to our brothers and sisters in the law enforcement community effected by today’s tragedy in Baton Rouge. Although hundreds of miles away from Boston, the pain and suffering caused by the loss of these officers in the line of duty is felt deeply by the men and women of the BPD. This all too common trend we are seeing of violence against law enforcement officers who are out there each day serving and protecting neighborhoods across the country is alarming and disheartening; and as I have said before, now more than ever, we need to come together as a community in our shared efforts to prevent further tragedy.” – BPD Commissioner William Evans

This is the second time in less than two weeks that the department has doubled-up officers. Earlier in the month, the move was made in the aftermath of the Dallas police massacre where five officers were gunned down in a sniper attack. The sniper in the Dallas incident was killed by a police robot detonation.

Governor Charlie Baker responded, //“>releasing a statement via Twitter. “We are saddened by the news of more violence in our communities and senseless attacks on our first responders who risk their lives for others,” said the Governor. “Our prayers are with the victims and their families in Louisiana, as well as for the safety of their fellow officers as this situation unfolds. While there are no credible links to Massachusetts at this time, on-going communication with federal and local authorities the safety of the Commonwealth’s residents remain our utmost priority.”

Mayor Marty Walsh also reached out to the community via social media.

Also expressing solidarity and condolences was the Massachusetts State Police Department. A message from Col. Richard McKeon read:”The Massachusetts State Police extend our deepest condolences to our brothers and sisters in Baton Rouge. We stand in solidarity and strength with every state trooper, police officer, sheriff’s deputy, federal agent, marshal, and any other law enforcement professional in the United States. An attack on any of us is an attack on all of us.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren tweeted, “Heartsick for the families of the Baton Rouge police officers killed today. More violence & bloodshed won’t fix the pain in our country.” And the Commonwealth’s senior Sen. Ed Markey posted, “Prayers & peace for the people of and the families of the dedicated police officers so senselessly taken from them.


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