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From the desk: Thanks for your patience as I transition back from the Examiner platform

profile picI wanted to take a moment to thank all who followed my reporting on the platform throughout the last year. With your help and in a very short time, I was able to vault myself to Top Examiner status locally, regionally (a special shout out to BOSTON) and nationally.

Unfortunately, for myself and many multimedia journalists who took advantage of the national digital platform, it’s parent organization, AEG made a decision to retire, an experiment in localized and citizen journalism on July 10, 2016. Not to worry, all content was preserved – here.

The retirement of the platform resulted in broken links and individual historical content being permanently deleted from the web. To those who had saved content links to any of my more than 100 articles, those links will result in you being directed to an AXS entertainment and sports platform where you will not be able to access the historical articles.

The good news is that the editorial staff gave me sufficient time to map my content and preserve it here at Tracey C. Online where articles can be searched by subject, content or headline. Climate and environmental articles are also available at the Changing Climate.

Election 2016 reporting and more – preserved

As many of you are aware, during my tenure as Boston Political Buzz, Boston and Providence News Examiner, I chose to follow the Bernie Sanders camp during the primary run-up. I chose the Sanders campaign right out of the starting gate for several reasons. First, I have been reporting on environmental issues since 2010, studied environmental law and concentrated my Masters work and thesis in coastal climate change reporting. As a New Englander, I was very aware of Sen. Sanders platform as a climate change awareness advocate and knew that, without a doubt, he wouldn’t waver from his environmental ethics as a presidential candidate.

Second, from the time of the Senator’s announcement as a candidate, it was relatively clear that he was not being taken seriously as a candidate. As a reporter, I saw the mainstream’s lack of attention to the spitfire people’s advocate (and most popular U.S. senator) as an opportunity for any journalist who was paying attention. I was paying attention. As the #FeeltheBern movement took off, so did the opportunitys afforded me as a multimedia journalist with a wide open platform and ability to report issues and events sans political platitudes.

Third, the temperature and entire culture of the Sanders campaign was polar opposite of what I had experienced in other arenas. The positive, upbeat, unwavering advocacy for the voice of the people to be represented was refreshing. The music playlist was awesome and the Sanders rallies and events promoted healthy, positive and progressive movement forward. Making the move to cover Senator Sanders’ campaign was the right move for me. Imagine if he had gone all the way.

Forward momentum

The immediate future lies in resumes and finding a more permanent reporting and editorial home base. In the meantime, all reporting, my own and freelance, will be posted here, at the Changing Climate on TraceyC-Media and the Blog at TraceyC online.

Again, my thanks to you for your loyalty, support and all of those likes, shares and follows. Stay tuned for the next chapter.


One comment on “From the desk: Thanks for your patience as I transition back from the Examiner platform

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