Firestorm of controversy; police union fires back at local newspaper

Firestorm of controversy; police union fires back at local newspaper

Stonington, CT – The Westerly Sun editorial staff took some heat on Monday after posting a controversial cartoon to its editorial page. The Tribune Content Agency (TCA) clearinghouse editorial cartoon shown above as posted by the local newspaper The Westerly Sun set off a firestorm of controversy in the close-knit, New England communities the local publication […]

Fox News, NYC firefighters to rally in support of RI’s Coventry Central Fire

Ray Cooney, host of Firehouse Kitchen calls all firefighters to rally in NYC Monday, June 6 in support of Coventry Rhode Island firefighters and the American Flag. “Calling firefighters terrorists for flying the American flag is ridiculous,” Cooney said. Video Courtesy Firehouse Kitchen/Fire News The heat is on after the Central Coventry Fire District, Fred […]

Chairman calls firefighters terrorists, orders American flags off trucks

In a horrid display of anti-patriotism, the Town of Coventry’s Central Fire District chairman, last week called for a stop to the ages-long practice of American flag-flying on fire trucks. The fallout from Fred Gralinski’s actions and comparison of the district’s union firefighters to Isis terrorists, caused a firestorm of controversy continuing through Memorial Day […]

Marty Walsh travels to D.C., stresses commonsense strategies on gun control

Boston’s Mayor Marty Walsh joined Boston Police Commissioner William Evans on Tuesday in a trip to Washington, D.C. to address the White House State and Local Gun Violence Prevention Convening. The trip came just hours after the town of Auburn Police Department announced the line of duty death of Officer Ronald Tarentino, Jr., who was […]

Boston students protest on Anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education

Boston Public Schools student, Bruno Koppel prepared a video to support the planned walkout of thousands of BPS students on May 17 in protest of the city’s school budget cuts and planned closing of more than a dozen schools. Video Courtesy Bruno Koppel/Youtube Updated: Boston Public Schools students plan to walk out of class at […]

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker is America’s most popular governor

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker is the most popular governor in the nation according to a survey released by Morning Consult on Thursday. His top spot status, was revealed in a survey of more than 66,000 voters in 50 states. Conducted from January to May, the survey placed eight Republicans in the top 10, with Baker […]

Baker not a fan of Trump or Clinton

Baker not a fan of Trump or Clinton

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker is sticking to his guns and morals, and he still isn’t voting for Donald Trump. According to Baker, he isn’t voting for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton either. On Wednesday, Baker took time away from trout stocking with elementary school students at Jamaica Pond to address the news that New […]