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Election Justice USA heads to court in California voter suppression hearing

On Wednesday, the national voting rights advocacy groupElection Justice USA is scheduled to be heard in United States District Court for the Northern District of California. The advocates, through EJUSA attorney Bill Simpich and civil rights attorney, Stephen Jaffe, plan to present new evidence in a voting rights case filed on behalf of the California […]

Fox News, NYC firefighters to rally in support of RI’s Coventry Central Fire

Ray Cooney, host of Firehouse Kitchen calls all firefighters to rally in NYC Monday, June 6 in support of Coventry Rhode Island firefighters and the American Flag. “Calling firefighters terrorists for flying the American flag is ridiculous,” Cooney said. Video Courtesy Firehouse Kitchen/Fire News The heat is on after the Central Coventry Fire District, Fred […]

Chairman calls firefighters terrorists, orders American flags off trucks

In a horrid display of anti-patriotism, the Town of Coventry’s Central Fire District chairman, last week called for a stop to the ages-long practice of American flag-flying on fire trucks. The fallout from Fred Gralinski’s actions and comparison of the district’s union firefighters to Isis terrorists, caused a firestorm of controversy continuing through Memorial Day […]

Baltimore Presidential Primary results decertified by state, discrepancies noted

Baltimore Presidential Primary results decertified by state, discrepancies noted

Maryland has decertified the City of Baltimore’s April 26 Presidential Primary election results. Instances of uncounted provisional ballots, discrepancies in voter roll check-in numbers and more were given as reasons for the Board of Elections decision. Video Courtesy Baltimore Sun/Youtube Baltimore, MD – The Maryland State Board of Elections has ordered the May 9 certification […]

NYC Board of Elections certifies April primary, leaves 91,000 ballots uncounted

U.S. Marine Corp Veteran Saundra Ramirez, protests the certification of the NYC Presidential Primary results on May 3, 2016. The Board on May 6 proceeded to certify the vote absent 91,000 cast ballots. Video Courtesy Warren Lynch/Youtube New York, New York – More than 91,000 voters in New York City have just fifteen (15) days to […]

New York Primary problems continue, voters outraged at the polls

Jeff Weaver campaign manager for Democratic Presidential Candidate U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders talked to CBS News about the NY Primary closed primary and Independent vote. Weaver said the campaign was going all the way to Philadelphia as planned. Video Courtesy Youtube/CBS News New York, NY – As lawyers and advocates headed into federal court in […]

Election Justice USA tells Independent voters to cast provisional ballots

New York, NY – The citizen advocacy group, Election Justice USA, after filing a complaint in U.S. District Court against the New York Board of Elections on Monday, encouraged all disenfranchised, unaffiliated and Independent voters to head for the New York Primary polls on Tuesday. “Our expectations are for a favorable ruling in court tomorrow […]