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This year we give thanks for a warm home because we know how it is to have no heat and to have no home. Today we give thanks for hot water in the shower because we have had none.

We give thanks for every meal we can afford to put on the table because we have gone without food.

Today we give thanks for every day we spend with our friends and family, because every day they are with us is a gift and that gift should not be taken for granted. We have lost many and are thankful for the memories bestowed upon us.

Today we are thankful for the people who love us just because. We give thanks for strangers who offered kindness in the face of much adversity. We give thanks for those who have entered our lives to share in our happiness and hopefully receive happiness in return.

Today we are thankful for our strength and our will to not only survive, but to effect change so that all who have suffered and gone without can share not only in the gift of a peaceful and happy Thanksgiving dinner, but be afforded warm clothing, healthy sustainable meals, and safe shelter.

Today we are especially thankful to all those who rise up to be counted – to say “enough is enough.”

~ Tracey C. O’Neill


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